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DJI Zenmuse P1 "Smart Oblique" orientation issue

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to process some pictures taken with Smart Oblique function of M300 RTk and P1.

As you can see from the screenshots there are some problems on the oblique pics orientation parameters, they seem to be the opposite (specular) of what they shold be.

Is most evident on the external oblique pics that sholud face the center of the area and not the surrondings (:slight_smile:

Pix4d mapper Version: 4.7.3

Seems to be the same issue of before on the nadir pics…but now on oblique ones

Sorry, the previous screenshots are with “geolocation and accurate calibration” option activated, the following screenshot is with standard calibration option in order to let you understand better.


Hi aprflytechstore,

This issue was addressed in PIX4Dmapper 4.7.3. However it appears that you are still experiencing orientation problems. For us to investigate this further we kindly ask for you to upload your dataset to the link below. Once you upload we will investigate the problem. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi Mike,

thank you, everything is uploaded. I ask you if you can turn the cloud dataset private.

Fedro F.

Hi Fedro,
I removed the link. I’ll look at the dataset and let you know.

Hi Fedro,
I replied internally. Can you confirm you received the email?

Hi Mike,

affirmative, I’ll reply to you soon

Have you been able to develop a workflow for processing Smart Oblique projects?

The workaround will require you to adjust the PHI image orientation parameter in the image editor.

  • Take only the images with PHI (roll) coordinates different from ~0
  • apply to PHI values: PHI*(-1) in order to invert them
  • apply to the KAPPA values: KAPPA+180 in order to flip the images

unfourtunately the correct answer is NO… I found this suggested workaround but is not so user friendly to apply…

If you really need to process Smart Oblique images of P1 I suggest you to try with other software. DJI Terra and Metashape work.

I’m sorry for this but Pix4D staff is working on it from 1 month and still nothing happend. I do not know if they have any other priority but P1 user should be advised on this issue…at least on compatibility camera lists

Mike do you have any news about?