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Zenmuse L1 -> DJI Terra -> PIX4Dsurvey

I can get dataset of Zenmuse L1, the latest product of DJI, LiDAR equipmet.

I tried to analyze dataset by ‘DJI Terra’ and output las file.
Next I tried to import las file to PIX4Dsurvey. Well done !
(No need to insert information of epsg code)

Attached image is result of terrain filter.


(Before remove Non-terrain)

(After remove No-terrain)


Thanks for sharing this @seiichi_takayama ! It looks really nice, and I’m glad the terrain/nonterrain is working so well for you. Did you make a TIN from the smart grid? How did it come out?

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Hi, @Nate_Moore
Thank you your reply.
Sure, I can make smart grid point.

And after that, I can make TIN.

Seiichi Takayama