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wrong spacing on Free Flight


I’m having trouble with the Free Flight missions in Capture. I’ve had 2 projects where there were no photos taken during a flight. On another project , when I set the mission to take photos every 3’ horizontally and 9’ vertically, it showed that it was taking photos every 9’ and 9’ and that’s what it did. Actually on the flights when no photos were taken it was telling me the same thing. Is anyone else having these problems. Solutions? 

Mavic 2 Pro, latest firmware and software, etc, etc. 


Hello Scott,

Can you tell me if you were using the iOS or the Android version of Pix4Dcapture?

Indeed, the Mavic 2 pro is not supported by the Android version ofPix4Dcapture yet. The development of its support is ongoing.


Hi Gael. I’m using an iPad Mini. Up to date on everything. 

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your feedback.

Were you using the metric or imperial system during the free flight missions you have done?
We will do some tests and investigations to see if the behavior you are describing can be reproduced.


Hi Gael,

I’m using imperial. I’ve been setting the wheel that controls the distance from photo to photo to 3’ in the horizontal and 9’ in the vertical  and when I initiate the flight it always says 9’ and 9’. At this point I’m just doing testing for facade reconstructions to see what my settings should be for the kind of detail I"m trying to get so I would like to be able to change that setting. Thanks again for looking into this. 

Hi Scott,

Thank you for the additional explanations. It will help us to investigate.
I did some tests and behavior of the Mavic 2 Pro with Free Flight mission seems to be not consistent with the settings defined. I reported that to the developer’s team and they will have a look.


Hi Scott,

To follow-up this conversation, in the new iOS version of Pix4Dcapture V4.3 released the 26.12.2018, issues with the free flight missions have been fixed.
Thank you again for your feedback, it was very helpful!


Wow, you guys are amazing. Thanks for the heads up Gael, I look forward to trying it out.