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Noob - Probs uploading from app: speed and number of images

I’ve offered to do a mapping exercise for a charity, so have taken my first test drive using Pix4Dcapture (actually, a couple years ago I was using the Pix4D on and off, but it’s been a loooong time).
I’m having an issue with completing the mission. When it finished flying the route, it showed around 200+ images had been captured and camera icons showed images had been captured from the start to the end of the mission.
For some reason, when it went to download, it stopped after downloading only 137 images. In the screen capture you can see that, for some reason, it’s erased the camera icons just over half way into the mission.
I’ve gone into the SD card from the drone and only 137 images are there, with the numbering beginning at 085 (despite the fact that the card had been reformatted at the start of the mission. Any ideas what I did wrong? And is there a way to recover the missing images (I’ve looked in other folders on the SD and can’t find them anywhere, so this is, admittedly, a Hail Mary question).

Hi Snapfly,
Thanks for your continued interest in Pix4D software solutions. I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into some hurdles with your mapping mission. It sounds like your Mavic 2 Pro didn’t sync well with Pix4Dcapture (showing only 137 images for a mission that you say should have had more). My first inclination was to look for another folder under the DCIM folder that additional images may have written to, but it sounds like you’ve already covered that idea…

Looking at the screenshot you provided, Images 0085, 0086 and 0087 appear to correspond with the first 3 images of the flight, but I can not provide a good explanation why it would start numbering with 85 if you were working on a freshly formatted SD card. Counting each camera Icon does equal the number Pix4Dcapture reports (137)
Can you share any more information as to the platform (iOS or Andorid) and hardware you used? I’d first suggest to review our Pix4Dcapture Troubleshooting Guide before trying to fly the mission again. You can use Pix4Dmapper and check project coverage in the field by using a Rapid Low Resolution processing template and just run Step1, Initial processing. That way you can confirm image capture and coverage prior to returning to the office.
Please let us know if you continue to have issues after working through the troubleshooting guide.
Aaron Woods