Images from previous flight deleted!

This happened on back to back days.  First time I thought it was a fluke.  Since Pix4d app doesn’t support multiple battery missions (which is…surprising) I broke area into 2 sections.  First flight fine.  Second flight fine.  Back at office, the SD card only contains data from the second flight.  To me, this is an inexcusable error in a software of this caliber.

What is going on??

Hello Dan,

The behavior you are describing has not been reported to us so far.

Can you specify me your configuration (drone, camera, mobile device)? Also, are you updated with the latest applications and drone firmware?
Usually, when unexpected behavior occurs we recommend going through our basic checks and troubleshooting steps. It solves most of the issues if properly followed.

Also, did you notice something unusual during the flight? Camera icons are not displayed along the flight lines or else?

Best regards,