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Images from previous session deleted



I was out today to do a multi-layer photogrammetric survey. I used Drone Deploy first to survey the area vertically and the used Pix4D to capture the same area at a 30 degree angle. Since I was out in the field I had no way to review the images from the Drone Deploy session before doing the Pix4D flight. However, Drone Deploy indicates when a photo is taken and I had no doubt the shot were done. When I got home I only found that the Pix4D photos were on the memory card anymore. Either Drone Deploy never took the photos or Pix4D decided write over existing files. 
Has anybody had a similar experience?

Hi Thorsten,

We believe the images from the previous flight with DroneDeploy were not saved on the SD card. It can also happen with Pix4Dcapture actually. Also our app does not overwrite images that are on the SD card. When a new mission is initiated, Pix4Dcapture checks the last image found on the drone’s memory.

Hi Julie, 

I believe that you are right. I looked into it a bit further and also concluded that it is Drone Deploy that malfunctioned. Thank you for looking into this anyway.