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Pictures not downloading after mission

Almost every other mission I run, the pictures will not fully download or show up on the SD card. The mission runs start to finish with no errors. DJI go is not running in the background either. I have seen previous discussions about this happening, but they were from a few years ago. I am wondering why this issue occurs and why it happens some flights, but not others same parameters/settings and same SD card.

Below is a picture of the synchronization process when it starts. showing 0/540 images

After it stops downloading it shows 301/301


Can you please take out the SD card from the drone, then plug it into your computer and check if the images are there? If yes move the imagery to your local drive. The fastest and safest way to retrieve your images is via the drone’s SD card.

I hope this helps.


I have already checked the SD card and it is only showing the 301 images that were downloaded. I ran this mission twice and have previously ran this same size mission many times now. there should be 540 images collected each flight.

Hello @it13, As Nikoleta said, the best way to extract the images is to copy them from the SD card of the drone. First, the images are saved on the SD card of the drone and then those images are downloaded on the PIX4Dcapture app. If the images on the SD card are missing then it might be the issue of the drone not saving the images properly on the SD card. I would suggest using a different SD card and see if that helps. For more information visit, Transfer and process images / How to transfer and process images after a mission