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Request - more control of the drone in free flight mode

Could we get more control of the drone in free flight mode (or when interrupting a mission to do some extra photos manually)  ?

Thinking about telemetry, camera settings etc.

When taking pictures manually after interrupting a mission, i can only take pictures in interval mode and not single photos?    Maybe i am doing something wrong, but if it is a bug it is a bit annoying. 

Closing pix4d capture app, reconnecting and relauncing dji go after resetting default programs is a hassle, would be better if we could get better direct control in the capture app. 

Phantom 4, surveyor. 

Hi Martin,

The camera settings interface that is visible in DJI GO is not introduced in Pix4Dcapture.

Did you try to stay in the camera view, after the mission finished, to see the video feed and activate the camera using the button on the controller? This way you can manually trigger the images with controller and see the live video feed at the same time in the Pix4Dcapture. 



Yes, this is the way i have done it rather than landing and changing programs. 

However it seems that it is locked into interval capture mode and not single image, thus making it a bit trick to take photos. 

Some telemetry would be nice as well, but not really critical. 

During the free flight mission, images are captured given a space interval (vertical / horizontal distance), meaning the user does not need to trigger the camera shutter but has to manually control the drone. It is indeed fixed and automatic.

You can display some telemetry info if you tap the battery icon on the right (iOS) or top right corner (Android) in the Map view.

Thank you for the feedback :).

Julie, as i described it is at the end of a programmed mission that i often take some extra photos. I have occasionally used free flight missions and am familiar with the settings there. 

What i ask is primarily that the photos captured after a programmed mission seems to be locked to time interval mode and not single photos. Should not be a big fix to do. 

Additionally i would like to be able to format the sd card in pix4d capture, have not seen any way to do so now. 


I would suggest that you add a comment to the Pix4Dcapture feature request post, one for each of your suggestions (more control in free flight mode + formatting the SD card): 

You could even link to this post in the comment, so that people can discuss the idea. :slight_smile: