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Possibility to trigger pictures manually during an automated flight plan

Hello! Yesterday found a bug during the mission:

If you make some photos (by pressing a button on rc) while you drone goes to the begin of mission, pix4dcapture will mark first photos of mission as already done and then drone will be at exactly that position it will not make a real photo.

So, if you make some photos manually you should make all photos manually. 

Do you mean that you pressed the button to trigger a picture after the automated mission was initiated? Or did you press before starting the mission while piloting the drone manually?

Could you perhaps give us more details why you took extra pictures besides those of the mission defined by Pix4Dcapture?

Yes, exactly, I pressed the button after take off, but before drone was at the start of the mission.

When an autonomous mission is ongoing, the pilot should not use buttons of the controller as it can interfere with the communication between the app and drone. Obviously, if interrupting the mission is required, you should but in other cases, we suggest that you let the drone fly and capture images.

If you need extra images that you take manually, you can use the Free Flight Mission. Images are captured given a space interval (vertical / horizontal distance), meaning the user does not need to trigger the camera shutter but has to manually control the drone.

Hope it helps!