Launching drone in Free flight mission

Hi all

I have been trying to do a free flight mission.  I get through all the pre-flight screens…hit next and get to the screen with ‘Take Pictures’ option.  It seems Pix4d is ready for me to launch but there is no launch button and my P3S doesn’t want to take off (even in atti mode) by controls alone.  I think it needs a launch buttion.

Am I missing something really obvious here??




Hi Roger,

We are aware of some recent issues with this drone related to the firmware but we do not have much information.
Do you have the latest firmware installed on the P3S? Are you using Pix4Dcapture 3.5.1 on Android or 1.4.2 on iOS?

Note that with the Free Flight Mission the user should take off and fly the drone manually. If we are not mistake you should put the S1 switch button of the controller to the up position.
Only the pictures will be captured automatically according to the vertical and horizontal intervals that were defined.


Flew my drone into a tree…my fault I got my cardinals mixed up when mission planning.  The crazy irony is that the software that let me crash my drone (Pix4d —but totally my stuff up and no blame to you guys) was the same software that let me pretend I was Mr Spock with a tricorder and find it according to its last recorded position.  Must be the 21st Century or something.

Anyway, on topic, I will repair my camera and try the free flight again.




Speaking on the topic of free-flight, is there a way, while in free flight, to see a real-time view from the camera?  I’m not sure if tapping the camera icon in the upper right corner is supposed to provide that or not - it didn’t when I tried.  I just got a lot of horizontal lines across my iPad screen.  It would be nice to see the view as a navigational aid.  I can still see my drone at a distance, but it’s difficult to determine the camera orientation.

I’m using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.




Hi Devin,

While flying, you can switch to the Camera view (green camera icon on the top right corner) to get the video feed of the drone,


The original question was never really answered and Im having the same issue. I have the latest updates for firmware and softwares. The problem is I can’t take off while pix4d is running freeflight, If I switch programs it crashes. Phantom 3 advanced, android phone. There needs to be a takeoff button for free flight just like every other mode. I can fly it once in the air, I just can’t get it into the air in that mode in pix4dcapture. Any help would be appreciated.


It is necessary to take off manually for a Free Flight Mission, the piloting of the drone is manual from the beginning until the end. Only the picture triggering is automated.


Só para ter certeza do modo missão de voo livre … eu seleciono a distância da aeronave na vertical e na horizontal e quando o Drone atingir essa altitude e distância ele dispara a foto automaticamente mas o controle da direção do Drone é do operador? Seria isso? Posto utilizar este modo para fazer um modelo 3D de uma fachada por exemplo?

@PAULO, your understanding is correct, the vertical/horizontal spacing defines the distance at which the images are automatically triggered but the drone needs to be operated manually. The free flight mission is suitable to map more difficult objects that require more flexibility, facades being one of them.

I recommend checking this article for more information on optimal flight plans (Android, iOS) Which type of mission to choose.