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Manual mode when flying grid mission

Good morning pix4d. Last week i flew a mission with a dji M200 and X5s camera.
When i initiated the mission, the drone went to the start point in the air and waited for me to fly it manually. I could see the word “manual” on my screen. So i proceeded to follow the grid manually and the m200 would automatically trigger the photos.
I did not finish the mission but i was thinking that under some circumstances this would be desirable.

I would like to know what triggered that state because like i mentioned this would be helpful.
Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

By the way, i run the app on android.

Hi Cesar,

After you press START to start a mission, the following messages appear on the screen above the flight lines: Taking off…, Going to mission…In mission…Going to land… Landing… and then Landed.

The app is not expected to display on the screen a message reading “Manual”. Is it possible a button was pressed on the remote controller before the flight?

Note that the behavior you are describing is typical of the Free Flight mission: the user chooses at which interval the pictures should be captured, based on a distance (horizontal and vertical). Then, as soon as the user starts to fly the drone, images are automatically taken based on the pre-defined interval.