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Switch to manual mode during a grid mission

I would like to know if it’s possible during a grid mission to switch to manual mode to take control of the drone? (Phantom 4 pro)

With the Pix4Dcapture app, you can indeed abort a mission (“Abort” button). Keep in mind that this interrupts the automated mission and you will need to continue to fly the drone and trigger images manually afterwards.

However, note that:

You can check out our Pix4Dcapture online manuals: AndroidiOS

Thank you, In Pix4Dcapture Manual it's written: "During a mission, aborts the Grid Mission and the drone comes back to the home for landing." I do not want come back to the home point but take the control of the drone. Is it possible to cancel the return to home once the command abort switched on?

Yes, it’s possible to take control of the drone when you abort the mission:

  • On Android: the drone immediately starts flying back to the home point. However, while it’s flying back, you can take manual control of your drone by switching from F to P-mode 

  • On iOS: the drone hovers and waits for further instructions, such as a new mission or manual control/free flight

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