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Pix4D capture: Proper flight mode for Phantom 4, how to abort mission

I’m flying phantom 4 for the first time.


What is the proper mode for the app, P or S ? Can’t find this info, furthermore,

how to abort mission and take manual control in case something goes wrong?









Hi Henri,

you’ll find lots of useful information in the “Getting started” guides for iOS and Android versions of Capture:

Getting started iOS

Getting started Android

The Flight Mode you should select when using Capture is P-mode (positioning). If something goes wrong during the mission you have 2 alternatives:

  • Take back manual control : it is possible to take over manual control anytime during a mission. To do that, switch the P.S.A. button to the S position and use the joysticks of the controller. The mission ends, drone stops short and hovers. 

  • Press abort button : this will abort the mission and trigger Return-to-Home. The mission ends, drone stops short and goes back to home point.

Hope this helps.


Great answer!, but i have another question about this, It has not happened to me, but I read other users yes, when the app break and close, the drone still a straight rute and not come home . How return the control if the app break?, obviosly i dont have image in the screen when this happened. Can i open the dji go or pix4d capture again for take the control and can see the flight in first person?. Thanks a lot!!

I have a follow up question: using Pix4D Cap v 3.7.1 (build 341) with a Phantom 4 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 inches tablet Android version 5.1.1 and I try to abort a mission it doesn’t work. The “Aborting” message just stays there. UAV does not execute a return to home.  Any comments, ideas?


If the connection with the remote controller is lost the drone will go into Fail Safe option if this is defined in DJI GO (4).This will trigger the drone to automatically come back if the connection is lost after 3 seconds (fail-safe). This option can for instance be disabled.

If the connection between the Pix4D capture and the controller is broken, e.g. the app closed, than the drone will continue the mission since it is already loaded (the waypoints to be followed) but the camera will not trigger pictures anymore. In this case it is only possible to take manual control using the controller to interrupt the mission.

The first person view is not implemented in Pix4Dcapture. However, you can switch to the Camera view during the flight so that the app displays the video feedback of the drone. It can be very useful to check everything is set correctly at the beginning of the mission.


Could you tell us more about the issue you are facing. More specifically did you already had the manual control over the drone when you tapped the Abort button? Do you have the latest firmware for your drone?


Best regards,

Hello.  In answer to questions: (a) No, I did not have manual control, still in full auto mode and (b) Yes, I do have the latest firmware for the vehicle.  Now just once I did use the Abort/RTH function and it worked.  Is there a minimum distance, time into the mission or the like to consider before the function becomes operative?  Thanks!


Abort button in Pix4Dcapture will only work if you are still flying the mission (automatic flight).

RTH option of the remote controller will be available after you take over manual control by switching the appropriate button on the remote controller.

Keep in mind that both of them will perform the same action - the drone will return to the position where it took off.

As for the RTH parameters (e.g. minimum distance,…), there might be some settings in the DJI GO but we are not aware of them. Anyhow we do not integrate RTH in Pix4Dcapture but we reported this request to the project manager for future development.


I’m flying Phantom 3 SE for the first time.

 What is the proper mode for the app? F?

Is Phantom 3 SE compatible with the app?


@Antonio Gutierrez: check this post for the Phantom 3 SE: