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Regaing control

What is is the corre t mode to regain control of a PH4Pro? To day, pushing the record butto on the RC, I’ve regaiined control of PH4Pro: is it correct?

When flying a drone with Pix4Dcapture, there are several ways (equivalent) to interrupt a mission:

  • Tap Abort: The drone autonomously comes back to the home point (where it was turned on).
  • Switch the controller button from autopilot to manual mode: The drone stops the mission and hovers. The pilot has full manual control of the drone by using the joysticks.
  • Press the return-to-home (RTH) button of the controller: 1. The drones comes back to the home point OR 2. The drone lands vertically if it is within 20-m radius around the home point or if its battery level is not enough to go back to the home point.
  • Fail-safe is triggered (no pilot intervention): Same as RTH button above.

It seems like that second option applied during the flight.