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Abort mission options in PIX4D Capture

I have a Parrot Anafi drone and my question is about my options if something goes wrong during the flight. I know I can use the Return to home button on the controller or by moving the joystick the flight will be interupted. I was wondering about the Abort option on PIX4D Capture screen if it only stops the drone or makes it come back to home point also?
If it does the both things, is there a difference if I press the Abort option on the PIX4D Capture screen or use the Home button on my controller ? Is one safer than other maybe? Has anyone tried these 2 options while flying on this drone? Thanks.

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Hi @parivash.paridad.202,
There is no difference between any of those methods, you can use any of it. I would also recommend you to go through our support article on Interrupt a mission.