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When will the Pix4Dcapture supports DJI Mavic air 2?

Is it possible to get a rough estimation on when will pix4d capture starts supporting mavic air 2

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I would like to mention that any drone can be supported in Pix4Dcapture only if its SDK has been released.
So far DJI has not even released the Mavic Mini SDK that was expected for April. I guess that they go delayed because of the coronavirus.
Hence, I do not expect them to release the Mavic Air 2 SDK before several months.
In addition to that, I would like to mention that this drone is not meant to be used for surveying.
More here:


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I have a Parrot Anafi drone and my question is about my options if something goes wrong during the flight. I know I can use the Return to home button on the controller or by moving the joystick the flight will be interupted. I was wondering about the Abort option on PIX4D Capture screen if it only stops the drone or makes it come back to home point also?
If it does the both things, is there a difference if I press the Abort option on the PIX4D Capture screen or use the Home button on my controller ? Is one safer than other maybe? Has anyone tried these 2 options while flying on this drone? Thanks.

Hi mate,

if I remember well when you press abort the drone stops and you have 2 options, continue mission or go home. Anyway I’ll check next time I’ll go to flight.


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hello, please follow the official post about DJI Mavic Air 2 here: DJI Mavic air 2 and Pix4Dcapture