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Resume mission in wrong location?

Just starting to use pix4d and trying to map an area that is quite large. When I abort and rth to change the battery, it creates anew mission to resume but it is in the wrong location. Like right beside the original grid. Am I just doing something wrong or are you supposed to realign it manually? Also how do you pause? If I click abort it starts from the beginning of I click start again. If I pause on the controller, I stops but continues taking pictures and when I un-pause the picture waypoints are not correct.

Well I found out it was due to using double grid missions. So resuming is working now. But, is there no “pause”? Do I just click abort and start if I want to pause momentarily?

Hi John,

Thanks for your interest in Pix4Dcapture. You are correct that if you wish to Pause the mission temporarily, click the Abort/Pause button in the Lower right hand corner of the interface. You should then have the option to Resume the Mission or Go HOME. I beliee the iOS and Android versions of Capture reflect a different but (andoid says Abort, and iOS says Pause)

We offer a support article titled " Multi-battery / How to operate Multi-battery flights" that may be helpfult.


Aaron Woods

Thanks but I do not have a “pause” button. Only “Abort” and I get the option to “Start” or “Go Home” when I click it. Is that correct?

Also, is there any way to see how many points the mission creates? I am trying to not go over 99 to avoid this issue but do not see a way to find the amount it creates.