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Pix4Dcapture Aborting Mission

I have a Phantom 4 Advanced and have been using Pix4Dcapture for 3D maps/models for a few weeks without any problems. I really like the Double Grid and Free Flight modes. Recently I finished flying a grid and landed. I then set up for Free Flight like I have in the past. All was going normal, completed the check list, got my green START. When I tap Start I get ABORT immediately, repeatedly. I have tried uninstall/reinstall, clearing cache, changing batteries, cable from device to remote, sd card, recalibrating IMU and compass, even went to a different location (twice). Nothing is working. I had the same project in Drone Deploy, wanting to compare the two acquisitions and processing. I deleted the DD project, didn’t help. I am not able to delete the Capture project, no option available.

Has anyone had this issue before? I am out of ideas.