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Pix4d capture does not complete missions in Phantom 4

I successfully complete my first 2 mission in 2 different areas but after that I had a terrible experience. My drone was completely out of control, the abort command didn’t work. It didn’t take the planned photos and for long minutes, I had no idea where my drone was until it came back right before the battery got empty.
I repeated a similar mission, and I had a similar experience.
I have the latest software, the dji wasn’t opened, etc, etc.
I’ll like to hear a credible solution for this issue. Pix4dCapture is a critical application that need to be 100% reliable, before any data processing. 
I contacted tech support in San Francisco, I spoke with a sales rep but he never got back to me with a real solution.

Greetings. I have been suffering exactly this very same problem since November last year, when the version 4.0.1 of Pix4D Capture auto installed in my Android tablet. Since then my P4 is grounded. The support in this forum informed they are “working in the issue” but due to the holidays expect no solution until January. Ok, here we are, I in the mean time reinstalled all DJI Go, Pix4D Capture and Crtl+DJI fresh in my device. I noticed that the current version of Capture is still 4.0.1, build 421, so I am dead scared of even trying to test it, lest my UAV is lost forever.  Pix: please, HELP!!!

Yes, help please.
At least an update on this serious issue.

After investigating the .log file that @Hugo sent we found that we attempt to trigger a return-to-launch (RTL) that was somehow got rejected. This looks like a problem with the drone / SDK. With our next release, Abort will be separate from RTL, so this behavior should improve. Even if RTL is failing, at least the user will be able to abort.