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Pix4Dcapture Manual Landing?

 Is it possible do disable the return to home at the end of a mission? I often take off from small places and would rather have full manual control of the approach and landing. (Inspire 2/iOS)

Yes.  At the end of your flight (or mid flight if things are going awry…) you can toggle the flight mode switch on your controller to switch to manual flight control.

Thanks Brad! So, if i switch to sport mode I will regain manual control. Do you know if the program will continue to run if switched back to P mode?

Yes that is correct, according to manual for the Inspire2 it is P position for Pix4DCapture and S position to regain manual control.–

I do not know if the mission will resume if the control is switched back…I am also curious of this but have been chicken to try it.  It would be an excellent feature if it does.

Cool, I’ll do a test flight and see what happens. I’'l let you know what I find out.