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App alternatives for Free Flight style mission?


Does anyone know of an app out there which offers something similar to the Free Flight mission in Pix4dCapture (distance interval based pictures during a manual flight)?

The problem:

We do a lot of mapping of complicated vertical structures and heavily depend on the Free Flight mission type in Pix4dCapture, but the absolute lack of camera settings is driving me crazy.

Up until know we used Android and doing the cable and app switcheroo to DjiGo4 and back has been an annoying but working workaround.

For various reasons we had to switch to an IPad mini and to my suprise, in iOS all DjiGo settings are overwritten when switching back to Pix4dCapture.

I am fed up with the app and really need to find an alternative.


Hi @oaxdrone,

You could try a different app such as Map Pilot, DJI GS Pro, to see if that helps to solve your issue. However, most of the image acquisition software will have a similar limitation in adjusting the camera parameter.
You can also wait for other user’s comments to see if anyone has a better solution for the issue.


Try Drone Harmony. It has practically everything you might need.