Won’t upload photos

The capture app itself is working great, but most of the time the upload button after the capture doesn’t do anything.

Eventually it might after repeated attempts, or if you exit and return, but my last capture of around 300 photos isn’t uploading.

It is does the same for both my iPhone XR and my iPad w LiDAR.


Hi Kevin,

Does the upload button become inactive after tapping it the first time? There is usually some delay after tapping the button and the upload beginning while it checks connectivity to the cloud and access, this could be made worse if you are on a slower internet connection or have poor wifi connectivity.
We are working to improve the general upload experience, with better feedback on what it’s doing, and an update should be coming soon.


George Brown

Hi George. Yes is appears inactive (just the cloud icon changes a shade a bit), but nothing is happening.

I have even left it for over an hour with no upload occurring.

Hello @uas.pix4d,

The Pix4Dcloud licenses(Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced) is required to upload the images directly to the cloud for processing. The images can only be exported using the valid Pix4Dmapper license(OTC, monthly, and yearly). You own the Pix4Dmapper OTC license that is the reason you are not able to upload the images.