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Windows crash in optimize step

Dear all

I got a windows crash when I try to run a project with a Multispectral camera.
The Pix4D crashes the system when it goes to the optimize phase.
However, I don’t get any problems running the demo project.
Any help will be gratefully.

Regards, Gil

Hi Gil,

It might be because of your hardware. What is your device sepcifications? Can you please send us your logfile and the quality report?

Thanks. My computer specifications are:

  1. Processor i9-7920X CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90GHz
  2. RAM: 128GB
  3. GPU 2x GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    The log File: (985.9 KB)
    I don’t find the quality report!!!


Hi Gil,

I could find this in your *.log file:

[Error]: Error e0094: It was not possible to initialize OpenGL. Verify that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card and that you are not using the software from a remote desktop. Detected QGLFormat::OpenGLVersionFlags: 2048

Are you using a remote computer?
Could you verify that you have the latest driver?



Hi Marco,

Thanks. In the past I tried to run pix4dmapper from a remote desktop
So today I tried to run directly from the computer running windows 10 pro.
I have the same crash. The the logTeste2.log (3.3 MB)
Regards, Gil

Ps: This crash is also happens if I unselect the two GPUs.

I solved the problem by removing the processor overclock.


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