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pix4d desktop crashes

Hi Im just trying out pix4d before biting the bullet but it seems to be crashing every time during either point cloud mesh processing or ds orthomosaic process.

im running the trial version 

pc specs.

windows 10 Pro

Intel i7 6700k Overclocked to 4.5ghz

16gb of RAM

GTX 1080


I’m having similar issues with a brand new PC build also with Win 10 Pro

During processing it crashed right after I loaded GCP table, another instance during the orthomosaic generation, and just now trying to rerun the ortho.

This PC is very powerful, and I’m wondering if its something to do with it.


i7 5960x 8 core
64GB DDR4 Ballistix
GTX 1060
Samsung 850 SSD

Could be a needle in a haystack… 

I’m having the same issue.

Windows 10 Pro

Intel i7 6800K 6core @ 3.4GHz

32GB DDR4 2800

two GTX 1070’s

Samsung 850 SSD


It is difficult to tell the reasons for these crashes, we would have to investigate more in detail. 

Please send us the Log file of the project (this is the text file in the results folder).

Furthermore, we would like to know if this happens with all projects or just with a specific one. 

Please also describe us the steps that led to the crash, e.g. as Chris said: that it happens when loading the GCP table, if possible even more in detail such as which buttons were clicked before. 

This information can be sent to us by submitting a support request here: 

Thank you for your understanding, 


I have also been unable to complete step 2 for a single one of my test projects during my trial.
Step 1 always runs great and the preview looks good. I make 8 or so manual control points. But when I run step 2 the program ALWAYS crashes a couple minutes in. I get the windows popup that the program has closed and must be reopened.

Win 10 pro
i7 7700k
32gb ram
NVME m.2

Hello Jonathon,

The crashes can be attributed to may parameters, such as the hardware specifications, the size of the project, the dataset itself, etc. 

To better understand what the problem is in your case, we need to see the log file and the Quality Report of some projects that you experience crashes.

Can you please send them to us together with the description of the steps you follow by submitting a support request here:



I experience the same problem! using win 10 home edition, can only process step 1 but not for step 2 and 3. always crash.

WIn 10 home

i7 7700

Nvidia 1060 6GB

RAM 32

SSD 128 + 512

I already send my problem to support and looking forward to hear reply from them.

Has a solution been found?

Ive got a new pc and Pix4d keeps crashing, these are the specs:

AMD 7 1700 8 core 16 threads

GPU GTX1060 6gb

32gb 2400 RAM

Ive tried big projects, small projects, full res, low res,…Ive tried versión 3.2.23 and 3.3.7.

Any thoughts??


What fixed it for me was to reduce the resources allotted to Pix4D. I set it to only use 3 of my 4 cores (6 of 8 threads), which fixed the problem. I also limited 30GB of RAM out of 32GB to play it safe but I wasn’t hitting my memory max anyway.

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I think last night I fixed it as well, but found a different solution.

Just updated my GPU drivers, seems like the old ones werent AMD Ryzen 7 1700 ready as the processor is too new.

And it works, Ive processed a lot in the last 12 hours and no crashes.

It is really fast as well, it took 4 hours in my old i7/8gb ram machine just for step 1 with 250 photos (24mp photos, 10mb each), but in this new PC it did step 1 in 29 minutes, quite amazing.

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Just a heads up:

Keep in mind this Pix4D is a processing-intensive task running for extensive periods, and might take your processors to their thermal limit, specially if you’re overclocking. I’ve seen it happen over the years with several PCs and other programs. Be sure to install a temperature monitoring utility, if not only to discard it being the issue.

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Having the same thing happening to me. Testing the trial version Any solutions yet.

Hello Sutton,

Every case is different, thus we need to take a look at the log file and the quality report to better understand the reason of the crash.

However, some general tips are:

  • ensure that your hardware setup is sufficient for processing projects of the specific size: 202557289.
  • make sure that the latest GPU drivers are installed.
  • reduce the number of CPU threads in the Resources and Notifications tab of the Processing Options: 202557909.
  • reduce the selected processing options for the point cloud and the 3D textured mesh.