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PIx4d desktop crashing during processing

For about the last 2 weeks when I start to process a survey Pix4d makes it about halfway through the first step and crashes.  It is locked up and you have to use windows task manager to end it.  Then you can open the project and start processing again and it works the second time each time.


These surveys are about 600 pictures (5gb)  


My system


intel r xeon r cpu e5-2690 v4 @ 2.60 ghz

ram 64gb

gpu nvidia geforce gtx 1080 driver

windows 10 pro 64 bit


I have found that when Pix4D freezes and doesn’t give the message that it has crashed/closed, then it will eventually recover and show working status again.  There were certainly times that I force-closed Pix4D and it was probably doing just fine and the way to check is review the log file.

The only sure way to clear up non-hardware related crashes is a complete clean install of Windows and don’t install anything but the absolute bare minimum to run Pix4D.  We all have lockup and crashing issues and it is hard to pinpoint an exact problem because it is random in most cases.

And some others have had success by reducing the Cores and RAM available to Pix4D so the rest of the computer can function and get along with Pix4D.