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Pix 4D Crashing


My Pix 4D will occasionally just disappear, for example i just came in this morning after letting it process over night, to find that it is not open anymore. Its happen a few times in both large and small size projects, It can be frustrating as you can imagine, it will occasionallydo it while i’m using it also.

My computers Good,  i’m running it with

Hi Mitch,

Could you upload your .log file and the Quality Report of your project if available to our OneDrive so we could investigate the problem? 

Thanks in advance!

Yep all uploaded, i’ve uploaded for two days, one labeled crashed and one labeled not crashed for comparison. Both processing roughly the same amount of data.

Hi Mitch,

I think I found the issue. The crash happened when the usage of RAM reached 96%. It looks like 635 of the images you have and the processing options are too heavy for the system.

My recommendation would be to slightly lower the resources in Resources and Notifications tab to ensure that Pix4D is not consuming more resources than your system is capable of sustaining.

Please also check if your NVIDIA has updated drivers. You can download them here.

Afterwards, please reprocess the project and let me know if those suggestions solved the issue.