Pix4DMatic keep crashing and I need to get the job complete - Help Please

Hi all,

first post and new to all this but every time we have tried to run off a recent project we get he following error.

also attached are the log files I cant see anything as to why this is happening any help would be appreciated.

2023-12-02_18-10-49.txt (17.1 KB)
2023-12-03_16-02-13.txt (61.1 KB)

also I cant send the reports/logs to Support as it wont confirm my email to be able to do so

Hi @iain.riley,

Thank you for your message.
It seems that the address you used to register your Pix4D account is not valid and contains a misspelled domain.
Please contact me privately so I can fix that for you. Do not share your email publicly here.

regarding the problem with your project, it seems you do not have enough RAM.

[2023-12-03 00:34:53][01%CPU][71%RAM][Densify](Info) loading 990 images...
[2023-12-03 00:38:00][01%CPU][86%RAM][Densify](Info) loading 990 images... failed
[2023-12-03 00:38:03][01%CPU][87%RAM][Densify](Error) Insufficient GPU resources to complete processing Memory allocation error

PIX4Dmatic used almost 90%.

Please make sure that there is no other application running or try to use a more powerful device.

You can also try to use a processing area in order to reduce the area to be processed.