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Processing failed due to not enough RAM


I am new to processing but have processed one small and one medium size project with no difficulties. However, I am now processing as file that is 1000 photos which has been crashing my system for 3 days here saying not enough RAM. 

I have changed my settings in the process steps 2&3 to do a fast less detail approach as I seen in some thread or reading and was still getting it crashing. Then I went to changing my project into a split one so it would only process 500 photos, which results in the same RAM error. 

My computer meets all specs for a recommended very large data.

Can someone help by telling me what i maybe doing wrong? Or lead me to something that could help.


Dear Tania,

We have looked at the log files of the full and the split projects that you sent us in a personal ticket request and indeed it seems that processing failed during the DSM generation due to bad allocation, which means that the RAM was not enough. It is, indeed true that the total amount of RAM (32 GB) is enough both for the full and the split project.

Did you run other applications when processing the project? 

We also noticed that loading the point cloud during step 3 took more than 6 hours for the split project and more than 10 hours for the full project. Similar issues have been reported by other users with Quadro GPUs. This issue has been solved by changing an option in the Nvidia control panel. You can find more information and step by step instructions here:

Can you please try to follow the instructions of the article above and process step 3 again? 

If the issue persists, can you send us the new log file and the Quality Report of the project? How does the reconstruction look like? Is the model reconstructed well or is the point cloud noisy after step 2 is completed? Can you also send us some screenshots of the point cloud in the rayCloud?

Best regards,