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Pix4D crashing during initial processing

Pix4D trial software is running on a configuration of 48 GB RAM with Intel Core i7 7700 processor.


Software crashes while running the initial processing.

I have the same running in other two computers as they have  a RAM of 32 GB and Intel Core i7 6700 processor.


Please let me know what are the possible causes.

It will be best to submit a support ticket with the log file as much more info is needed out of the 100’s of possible causes.  If it is a Pix4D internal issue then it will give an error message but if it is a Windows thing then the log file will not have the info.

There was no log message or anything while it crashed as it happened during the first step of initial process. This has not occured on the other machines where it runs without trouble. Can you suggest a fix or any support for this ?

If there is no error in the log file then it is your computer, hardware or software problem…could be 1,000 different things.

Hi Abhishek,

Could you send us the p4d file and the log file to take a look? As Adam mentioned there are a lot of possible causes and the only way to identify it is for us to take a look at the processing log and processing options.

To share the files Google Drive of WeTransfer would work for us. Please share the link here :slight_smile:



I have been processing fine over the last few days. Today it crashes at Step 1. Either totally exits Pix4d or  the Red to green dot (computing keypoints) stops . Task manager shows Pix4d processes CPU and ram usage drop to nearly nothing in task manager.

Stopping the process and exiting program do nothing, have to use task manager to kill it.


AMD Ryzen 1950X

64 Ram

500gb SSD

1080 ti GPU.


I have removed or disabled all apps I can but this PC is just for Pix & globalmapper use.

Client clock is ticking.

Hi Troy,

Sorry to hear that you are having some problems utilizing the software. As stated in the thread above, the cause for why the software is not able to successfully complete step one could be for a number of reasons. Could you open a support ticket HERE and send us your .p4d and your log file? These two files give our team a lot of insight into what may be causing the issue you are experiencing. 

Our team will be on the lookout for your support ticket, as to help you successfully process your project and meet your deadline!