Densify sparse point cloud(Error) Densification failed


i am running Pix4D Matic. I have a project with around 200 pictures, but when i when i want to densify the point cloud, i get the following error “Densify sparse point cloud(Error) Densification failed”.

I attach my log file. Maybe someone knows what the problem might be?

Thank you for your help.
2023-03-19_18-52-32.txt (1.8 MB)


Hi @jl.hinrichsen, thanks for attaching the log file, that was very helpful. I found the following error:
[2023-03-20 11:17:21][32%CPU][71%RAM][Densify](Error) Insufficient GPU resources to complete processing.

I dug a little deeper and found out that, while your GPU seems to comply with the minimum requirements, you are running an older driver.
Can you update your driver (Official Drivers | NVIDIA) and try again?

Hi Rhea,

thank you very much for yout help.

Now everything works fine!

Regards Jan

Great, happy to help!