Matic failed at Densify

Hi. My p4d Matic is failing at the densification phase of processing. I have run it like 7 times. It was working fine last week. I have even installed the new version.
I’ve checked my license is up to date and working and I even got a new license ahead of schedule.
Please advise as I can’t work without it.

Hi Brent,
Can you attach the program log files and quality report? We can take a look and let you know what might be going on.

Hi Mike

Please see the attached log.

There is no quality report as the process fails before that point.

Please advise

2022-07-23_07-45-16.txt (807 KB)

@brent there is not enough disk space remaining, you can see it in the log in the following place:

Please make some space on your hard drive and it should work again.

Hi there

Thank you for that.
I’ve just checked my drives and you are100% correct. It is full. 1TB space all used up.

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