Status: Processing failed when I densify the point cloud

Hi, I am not able to process the dense point cloud, since the Pix4D Matic always tells me that it fails during the dense point cloud generation process.

The alignment does it well. The project has been carried out with Mavic 3E Enterprise and is in the EPSG 25830 coordinate system with the vertical height of Alicante.


I don’t understand why he can’t process it

Hi @joan.cano ,

Is there any chance an external drive or network drive is being used?

From the screenshot was there also an issue with calibration?

If this is the case, could you verify if there are enough overlaps among the images, disk space, latest GPU driver, and necessary EXIF and XMP tags?

EXIF and XMP tag information for project creation

If after checking with the overlap, necessary tags, and disk space the issue persists, could you provide us with the log file, the quality report (if available), and which PIX4Dmatic version you are using?

How to export log files - PIX4Dmatic

Rosana (she/her)