PROJECT FAILING to process???


I have a project with 2306 large format images so I process it on pix4d matic. I have never had any problems with processing before but this fails at 1% constantly.

Any ideas why?? There is nothing generated so I was wondering if anyone could help? Is there a log file anywhere which shows why it is failing??

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Hi @operations2

You can go to Help > Open project logs folder. There you have the different log files that should have more information in them. You can look at the end of the log to see what may be the cause of the issue. If there are specific error messages there, feel free to share here. If possible, sharing the log file is going to help to investigate.

Hi Pier

Please see log file here attached. Any help would be good (had to split into 2 parts to allow the upload)
2023-12-12_20-08-45 part 1.txt (2.7 MB)
2023-12-12_20-08-45 part 2.txt (2.5 MB)

Hi @operations2

Thanks for sharing! What I found looking in the logs:

  • You’re using version 1.51.1, I would recommend to update to version 1.54.2 (we’re releasing another patch to the 1.54 today or tomorrow, I would update once that is out (currently the 1.54.1 is up already)
  • Note sure what the 1% exactly was, but it seems like the calibration worked for most cameras (2288 of 2306 cameras calibrated)
  • However, the densification seems to fail with an error related to GPU resources (see below), this can be explained due to the large format images you are processing with.

[2023-12-12 23:53:46][23%CPU][32%RAM]Densify Insufficient GPU resources to complete processing
Memory allocation error

To solve the densification, you could try to process again with a lower densification setting, e.g. Image Scale at 0.5 instead of 1, or Point density to “Low” instead of “Optimal”. Or of course, you could look into another GPU.

Also, if you want to know in more detail where it fails, you could look into processing each step individually (e.g. first the calibration, check the results, then the densification,…) this will give you a better sense for where the “1% progress” really is. I assume the latter was displayed as 1% of the total “chained” progress of calibration, densification, etc…

Hope that helps, let me know if you found out something else in the meantime

Excellent, thanks. It helps knowing what to look out for on these error reports as it has sooooooooooooooooooooooo much information it which makes it hard to miss stuff.