Pix4dmatic failed on processing

Hi support,

Failed in processing. How to know what is the reason to make the processing failed?
please refer the image.

Can you attach the log file from PIX4Dmatic? This will tell us why it possibly failed.

hi, here is the log file
2023-06-23_15-05-05.txt (144.5 KB)
2023-06-23_15-34-43.txt (216.0 KB)
2023-06-28_10-49-11.txt (1.6 KB)
2023-06-17_12-51-34.zip (3.4 MB)
2023-06-18_17-11-01.zip (428.3 KB)

Hi Reseller Surmap,

I reached out to you with a support ticket.

Looking forward to your reply there.

Rosana (she/her)