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Wi-Fi v. USB

I understand that the Phantom 3 is now supported and the iOS Beta is out, but do you still need the Wi-Fi extender for the controller? Why doesn’t it just connect via the USB?

I guess the P3 doesn’t actually have wi-fi so how do you connect?

Nevermind I guess only the Beta for Android is out and it sounds sketchy. I’ll wait.

Hi Craig,

Indeed, the Phantom 3 doesn’t use the WiFi, it is using a USB connection between to the remote controller and the phone. Currently only the beta on Android is compatible with the Phantom 3. If you wish to try the beta, you can find here more information on how to install the beta:–Android-Beta-Phantom-3-Professional-Advanced-and-Inspire-1?page=11

We hope that we will soon be able to release the official version but unfortunately it is difficult to estimate when it will be available. As soon as we have it ready, we will post updates on the following post:

Best regards,