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Trouble connecting with Phantom 3 wifi

Can anyone guide as to connecting the Pix4D with mapper? It keeps saying to connect via WiFi to the P3.

Does not support Phantom3. (yet)

When is this application expected to support the Phantom 3 Pro?


I am looking around for something to use in the meantime. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Hi Reinier,

There is a beta version on Android which supports the Phantom 3 Pro. You can find more information here:–Android-Beta-Phantom-3-Professional-Advanced-and-Inspire-1?page=12

Note that in the app you need to select the correct drone in the drop down list and to connect using a USB cable between the phone and the remote controller.

If you have an iOS device there is no beta yet. In the meanwhile, you can use the DJI Go app and fly the drone manually. The DJI app can help you to take the images: set the timer to take the images and then fly the drone in a grid mode for example:

We will post update on the following post:

Best regards,


We are having the same issues.

when we go to “Grid Mission”, then it comes up a message saying that the “Ground station connection failed”.

We are very postive that we have selected the right Drone (in the drop down list) and we are connected between the remote control and the device (Android). But still does not allow us to connect to the drone…

What else do we have to do?

Has anyone any idea or can guide us on what to do?

Apparently this is a commun issue…

Thank you very much in advance



I saw a great comment that could maybe help you:
Have a look at the answer posted by Vertical Aspect (copied pasted from another post). It seemed to have solved many issues.