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pix4d and phantom 3

Would there be a need of mounting extra gear (transmitters/recievers/converters etc.) on the Phantom3 when it eventually becomes available to fly with pix4d/waypoints ?

  • Or will it perform waypoint flying with only need of the new software that now is being developed?

No, you are all set: no need for extra gear. It is out of the box. I am running the beta and getting good result.

Hello Felix Archambault and Geir Wikse, I also have a drone Dji Phantom 3 , and would like to use the application to perform some Pix4D modeling and up some steps, I just downloaded the app on my iPhone 6, and I can not connect my drone to Pix4D application, it would there specific manipulation to achieve?
Could you tell me the steps to perform for this to work?

Thank you in advance!
Sincerely Kevin.

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately the DJI P3 is supported by the Android version of Capture only.
I asked but there is no beta version for iOS at the moment, this is still work in progress apparently…

But you can process and create a 3D model with your drone since the camera of the P3 is already calibrated.
You will have to fly manually but here is a step by step procedure:
Very helpful :slight_smile: