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Phantom 3 standard and Pix4D

I have read about the beta for the P3 advanced and the pro, but as the standard versión is more related to the p2v+ (not lightbridge) I´m not sure if the standard versión is supported by the beta or if there is a new solution for the p3 std.

Dear Luis,

We don’t know yet if our Capture App will support DJI Phantom 3 Standard.
At the moment, the drone does not have a SDK which is required by the mobile application.
The drone will soon be tested by our team of developers to evaluate its possibilities.

Best regards,

I am thinking of becoming a user of the software however i have the Phantom 3 standard. 

i dont want to buy the software if i wont be able to use it. I will look forward to the release. 


My question however is if i can use way-point and take the pictures manually. if yes how do i go about

doing this. the camera on the Phantom 3 Standard is the same as the advance so i think it should be able to

get the same result. 

Hi Andre. You can take the pictures manually. This is taking care of the overlaps. If you do that, then the software can process the pictures ussing the gps info inside the pictures. However, the altitud is not delievered in the model so you have to use a GCP (groun control point) to attach the whole model to exact coordinates.


When I have the p2v+ the capture app takes in count the elevation so i dont have to correct the coordinates manually. Only if I have a more accurate GPS then I use the GCP.


I´m also waitting fir the new reléase as the capture app allows the phantom to use autopilot for the misión-


Thank you Mantilla

My problem is that i dont have a GCP device. If i state the altitude for the entire flight would that help. 

So i set the altitude to 22m then take the pictures accordingly. 

I don’t really understand how the GCP work.

I wonder how long before the new app is released have any idea?

Hi, I´m no expert on that subject. But, The thing is to know the altitud of a certain point. you can do it with the cellphone by downloading apps like commander gps and such.


Tha altitud is important only if you need to attach the model to exact coordiantes. Otherwise, the model is good enought for visualization, taking meassurements and stuff like that.


As I´m a civil engineer and I use Pix4D to make contour lines of terrains is important to me to attach the model, and I do it with the cellphone


As it can be very confussing I suggest you to use the trial, so you can see what the pix4d does. You would notice that is very simple to use and that the GCP is an extra featture for advance users that can be quickly learn.


Finally, Pix 4d peolple hasnt said anything about reléase dates for the p3S. I´ve read about a beta versión on andriod but for p3a and p3p. I hope the come to a IOs solution quickly.

GCP are points that you can establish x,y,z coordinates and that you can add manually to the info of the pix4d so the software can relate on more accurate data tan the GPS of the phantom wich is comercial type (less accurate)

What app do you use on  your phone. I think i might need to use that method i have an android phone.

How do i use the Gps commander app and the DJI app together. whats the process. 

I already downloaded the app and i am ready to test it. 

do i just leave it running in the background 

the apps  doesnt need to run together, you can use commander after or before the flight, just make sure that the point where you use commander is visible for the phantom so you can pick it in the model.


When i have the p2v+ i used capture app on the iPhone, but for free flights i used visión app or p2 booster,


Now i use the dji go app, and after i finish the flight i run the commander over 2 different spots like fences or corners of a house.


What do i do leave the phantom on in the air while i turn on the commander app or do i land and turn on the app.

Do the complete flight and after you landed tourn the commander app on and take note of the coordinates and the altitud. If you like my skype user is luis-mc1 so you can contact me