Capture keeps asking for WIFI connection with phantom 3

is there a way to fly without the WiFi connection for which the app keeps asking in IOS. I can’t seem to be able to connect the phantom 3 to the app to fly a grid or a freeflight mission because it keeps asking for the wifi. I understood from a post things were going to be compatible with the phantom 3 at approximatly end of June, so I bought the phantom 3 beginning of june but that does still not seem the be possible. Can you help me? Should I sell the phantom 3 again or what is going on with the development of the compatibility with the Phantom3

Hi Philip,
Our app is not yet compatible with the Phantom 3. Unfortunately there were some delays.

For more information about the release please check the following OFFICIAL POST: Capture App for Phantom 3 Advance and Pro, and for Inspire 1:

Note that there is a beta available on Android which is compatible with the Phantom 3. More information on the following post: