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I very frequently process very large projects and I need the ability to pause or suspend the processing so I can continue to use the computer if needed, or move the computer from one place to anothere (Laptop). Are there any plans to add a pause/suspend button?


Hello Jaime,

We are planning to implement it but at this stage we are not sure when it will be read.

When the processing start, different parts of the processing act in different ways, and they store some temporary files, some info in the ram, and are writing into files, so it is a bit complex.

That is why it is not ready yet but will come, we cannot say exact date, but we can say that we will work on it.


Totally agree. An EXTREMELY important button!!!

Since even the planned date of the pause/suspend button is unknown is it possible to quickly add a message for an estimated time remaining?

Hello Vusal,

Estimate the remaining time is impossible since it is not possible to predict in advance the points that will be found, etc.

We are considering for example to add more information about the % of completeness for each sub step within a step, but it is not sure at the moment and when it could become available.


Any word on this

What do we want?? A pause button. When do we want it???..

Any update on the pause button?  My laptop crashes when doing it all at once.



Hi all,

There is no pause button and it is not in the near future to have this feature implemented. We have however reported this suggestion to our Product Development Team who will consider it for future development if many users show strong interest, but this is unfortunately not the top priority at the moment.


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+1     I always multitask at the office, sometimes a client calls me for an important conversion or upload of a project that needs to be done, but Pix4d is running. I cannot work with the computer since the whole cpu is monopolized by Pix4d. Hence today I cancelled a process that had been running for 9 hours in order to do a 20min upload that was of higher priority. Now I have to start over.


I’s it possible to make it possible to change the resources available fore the process when in process? Hereby I will be able to change the allowed recourse to eg. 25% when a higher priority job comes in, and return to 100% again when finish with the job as

You can turn down the RAM and CPU cores when you start the processing but I don’t think it will change after processing has started.

Pix4D really needs to look at this because other software on the market stores the progress in temp files and can resume after a crash or user cancel.  It may seem like a low priority but as data sets get bigger this will become a significant problem for Pix4D users.

Another thought for people here is to get a dedicated Pix4D processing system.  Not everybody can afford the price but when doing this work as a business you should be budgeting a computer(s) to do ONLY Pix4D work to avoid issues like Leandre had above.


I’m assuming there is still no update or solution for this?  

HI all,

As Julie mentioned at the moment the paused moment is not on our roadmap. ONce it will be implemented we will post it in the news section. 




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+1 It would be nice to have the option to pause option.


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