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Pix4Dmapper - Add Resume Feature

PLEASE add a “resume” feature if any Step crashes or the computer dies.

I just spent days processing to have it wiped out by losing electricity…and yes a battery backup would have saved me but other software like RealityCapture will “resume” on premature exit.


It would be great I you could add a pause and resume feature. I have just had to terminate a project 's processing after 30 hrs processing then start again because I had to move the computer.

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I agree that such a feature would be useful, particularly if something unexpected such as an electricity cut happens, or if one needs to move the computer and thus needs to stop the processing. I think this is related to the feedback about a pause button, as both help to cope with unexpected events. 

Such a feature would require saving the current status of the software for every action done in the software, which would mean a refactoring over a large part of the code base, which would be a large amount of work. I have reported the feedback to our Product Manager and I would encourage anyone that would like to see this feature to vote on the post (thumbs up) or to leave a comment. 


We all pay good money for Pix4D because it is the best and having a reasonable resume is something your competition already has as a feature. Even an every 60 minute “auto-save” would be a HUGE addition to the software.


Agree.  Do not need to save every step… just checkpoints every hour so as Adam suggests and/or when commanded by a pause and save button.  Should be little to no overhead.

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The competition is doing this already and as the gigapixel count continues to increase then this becomes a bigger and bigger issue.  I no longer process the point cloud and mesh at the same time in Step 2 for fear of crashing and losing the progress.