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Auto Save option?

Is there any way for the processed data to be automatically saved after a step is complete?

I’ve had an issue where I have let my computer process over night only to find out that I had an update / restart on it during that time and Pix4d was shut down, nothing was saved, and I have to start it over. I am able to prevent it from happening again by running a program that disables updates, but it would still be convenient to know that once a step is complete it would be automatically saved. This might be something to implement in a future Pix4Dmapper update.


Hi Ayres,

The feature is already implemented. After completion of each processing step different files and folders are created on a hard disk. Most probably the processing was still running when the computer restarted. Therefore the processing step was not completed and results were not saved on the hard disk.

Please see the article:

Additionally, in the Menu bar under Process tab you can find Output Status command.

Output Status shows processing steps that have already been processed and output files that have been generated and where they are located. Please see the article for more information:

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