cancelling during processing

I’m currently processing a fairly large job of around 3200 pics, At step 3 and it has done all the steps i want, however i didnt realize that i had checked the "Generate Reflectance map " and now its taking FOREVER to complete! 


If i hit cancel to processing will it just stop there or will i lose all the other results that have been generated in step 3?


speedy reply would be appreciated!




Hey Rich,

From what I know, If you hit cancel before step 3 is done you would lose the entire step 3.

Hi Rich,

As Selim said indeed if you cancel the job while processing the step 3, then the results from this step will not be generated. 

Hence, you could cancel, but then you will have to re-run step 3 to obtain the expected results.




I am also interested in:

If i press start with all 3 steps checked and then i press cancel at step 2, do i lose all the processing at step 1 (initial processing)?

I have a large set with almost 9k images and the initial process went for 12 days, i am thinking to cancel save and then run step 2 and 3.

Speedy reply would also be appreciated!


Hi Tiberiu,


If the processing of step 1 has been completed if you press cancel anytime after the results of this particular step is not affected.




Hi Ina,

I have a similar situation with large dataset. Step 2 and 3 are being generated. I want to make sure that if I hit cancel on the beggining of step 3, all the results of step 2 will be saved. 


Best regards,


Hi Margarita,

If Step 2 has been completed, the outputs have been saved and there is no problem in canceling Step3. The Step 2 outputs will not be deleted.