Does cancelling processing remove previosly processed steps?

First time using matic, and coming from mapper. We’ve got a jb currently processing that we’ve enabled mesh for, but don’t actually require a mesh, just a DSM and orthomosaic. If we were to cancel the processing, would the previously processed Dense Point Cloud still exist, so that we can then just select DSM and orthomosaic for processing? We had ticked every box except for calibration after previously completeing the calibration.

I don’t really want to lose the point cloud, as processing 16,000 images on some older software already ate up a good chunk of time.

Probably my answer comes too late, but for the next one who reads this. I just tried this on a small dataset, I selected all processing steps and cancelled them after the dense was processed. The steps not yet processed were cancelled and the results that were already processed remained. I could then uncheck the steps I did not want to run and select the ones I want to run and continue from there (without having to reprocess the point cloud).