Delete points and go from Mapper to Cloud

So I’m using Cloud very recently and only using mapper for couple of months… but missing the proper steps I think to delete points and then get that to then show in cloud with the points missing. So from reading you should do step 1&2 and then assign the points (you dont want) to “disabled” then save and do step 3. So I do that and for the most part my points are gone in mapper… but if I then take the tif files, las and mesh files and put into cloud its all there again. I need to clean my points up so its cleaner for my clients… but I cant seem to delete them and then get it to show in cloud correct. I’m thinking because maybe mesh files are from step 2 when the bad points are in there ? and you cant redo that step because that just puts them all back in there.

So am I missing some step… or technique to accomplish this ? Do I need to do something in cloud ?

Any tips tricks or pointers to pages with info are appreciated.

Hi @kevin.sauerwald.

With the Step 3 you are creating the DSM and the Orthomosaic.
The orthomosaic will be based on your images, so the feature removed from the point cloud will still be visible, but will be adjusted on the new DSM created taking into account the edit changes.

Are you using the procedure described here?

Make sure you save the project (Project > Save Project) and you export annually the new densified point cloud. More information here:

ahh… thanks, I was missing the export portion of the instructions. I was reading some other posts about how to delete the points and they all just noted to repeat step 3 and that was it. Thanks. Its all edited in Pix4d Cloud…

Side question with deleting points… Others have asked this for years from what I read. Most of my noise points are all blue… would be real nice to be able to just delete the blue ones. They must be blue for a reason. There anyway to just delete those ?

Hi @kevin.sauerwald

Thank you for your answer.
I’m happy to hear that you can export and see the changes.

For your side question, unfortunately, there is no way to select points by color.

This can be done with PIX4Dsurvey using the color selection tool:

If you want to know why these points are blue, I suggest you select one of these points and see the corresponding point in the images (right-hand sidebar). I imagine that these can be caused by sky visible in the images. If this is the case, I suggest taking a look at these pages: