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Delete Points from the Point Cloud

I have a questions I will be grateful for your answer… I have edited the point cloud to regenerate a better triangle mesh.I have assigned unwanted points to anew group named "deleted " and then go to the> process>Generate 3D Texture mesh… But the mesh still have the unwanted points…What can ido to reprocess mesh without these points?.. . I have another question can i delete and edit unwanted mesh texture (final process 2) to better mesh texture?

Hi Riyam,

For outputs to be generated based on the edits you make in the point cloud, you need to assign the points you want to remove in the group  Disabled that exists by default. If you assign points into a group other than Disabled (you created one called “deleted”), the software will not recognize that points in that group need to be removed.

Then do not forget to click  Assign , save the project and generate the 3D textured mesh.

Let me know if it works.