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How do I delete unwanted data in triangle meshes?

Hi, I’m fairly new to using the pix4d software and I’m a little stumped.
I’m working on a project and I have a model processed with point clouds and densified point clouds and I noticed that I have a lot of extra data that I don’t want to show in the Ray cloud view. I’m aware of using the “edit densified point cloud” pen tool to select and delete point clouds that I don’t want in the view, but it doesn’t seem to translate over when I load the triangle meshes option. All of the extra modeling that I was trying erase just shows back up as if there’s no way to delete it with triangle meshes enabled. All advice is appreciated.

Hi Martel,

I delete noise from my point cloud quite often and then, I generate the textured mesh without this noise.
My workflow:

  1. use the "edit densified point cloud to delete the unwanted points (they are placed in the group “deleted”)
  2. I save the project
  3. I generate again the 3D Textured Mesh:

This works fine for me,