How to remove unwilling object in 3D mesh model?

I have tried to figure out on how to remove unwilling object in a group of 3D mesh model, but it seems by removing the point cloud object (following this step - doesn’t affect the generation of 3D texture mesh model.

Basically, I want to remove the building other than station (re: red selection).

After, I remove it by assigning into “deleted” group, and generate new 3D mesh model, the result is still the same as previous ones, that is the removed building is still exist.

I want to have the 3D texture mesh model something like this, but in a 3D mesh model not in point cloud. (re: image without building).

Please anyone have idea?


The quickest way to solve your issue is to classify the unwanted points as Disabled . This will prevent PIX4Dmapper from exporting them from the rayCloud for the 3D Textured Mesh.

For more:​

After they are reclassified, you can select Generate 3D Textured Mesh from the Process menu to regenerate a new 3D textured mesh.

Another thing that can be considered is to use a processing area: How to use a processing area in Pix4Dmapper

Hope you find this info helpful!

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Hi Jon,

That’s really helpful. Thanks a lot!