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How do I delete unwanted data in triangle meshes?


I’m working on a project and I have a model processed with point clouds and densified point clouds and I noticed that I have a lot of extra data that I don’t want to show in the Ray cloud view. I’m aware of using the “edit densified point cloud” pen tool to select and delete point clouds that I don’t want in the view, but it doesn’t seem to translate over when I load the triangle meshes option. All of the extra modeling that I was trying erase just shows back up as if there’s no way to delete it with triangle meshes enabled. I tried reprocessing step 3 but that didn’t appear to work.


I believe the point group is Disabled that has to be where you put the “deleted” points.

Honestly I find other software to make a much better mesh with Pix4D shining the best in point cloud construction.

@Alyssa, as Adam mentioned, the points assigned to the “disabled” group will not be taken into account when creating the 3D mesh.

After the points are assigned to the “disabled” group, the 3D mesh can be regenerated directly (no need to reprocess the whole Step 2.) from the menu tab by clicking Processing - Generate 3D Textured Mesh.

When it comes to removing the noise from the point cloud also this steps could help:

  • Adding manual tie points or Ground Control Points (GCP) will help in the process of matching the images together and it can result in better-reconstructed scenes. If you introduce MTPs or GCPs the project needs to be reoptimized in order for the points to be taken into account. Keep in mind that all the results of Step 2. and Step 3. will be lost when performing the reoptimization. 
  • Drawing surfaces that will be used in the generation of DSM and 3D Textured Mesh and will make the wavy and unflat surfaces planar.
  • Generate more accurate point clouds by changing the processing options for the point cloud, changing the minimum number of matches from 3 to 4 or 5.
  • Add a processing area in order to remove the noise in the sky/ edges of the project and to speed up the processing. 


And to add to Blaz’s comments…getting better/more pictures is in my opinion the primary means to reduce and even eliminate the need for editing the point cloud.  For those of us doing this as a business, labor hours are the most expensive part so tweaking the flying part without much additional time is a huge cost reduction if it reduces post-processing time.

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