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DSM and Orthomosaic uses deleted point cloud?

 I have read other posts on this and none seem to really address what I am looking for. I have a model of a city, but the tangible model was originally on a table and so there were keypoints that were incorporated into the point cloud. After deleting these points, making sure they are assigned to the “deleted” group in the point cloud editor, saving the project, and generating the 3D mesh to make sure those points aren’t incorporated (and they aren’t), the points are still in the orthomosaic and DSM. Any suggestions?

Hi Ken,

The deleted points after editing the point cloud were not discarded when generating the DSM that is used to compute volumes in 2.1 and to obtain the orthomosaic. This was a known bug but we expect that it was fixed for 2.1.58.

Is it the version you are using?
You can download it from here if needed:


HI in the larest Trial version, a part of point cloud is deleted and assigned to deleted in point group. The Deleted pomt group is not checked. The project is saved. And the last step is done. Still the deleted point cloud comes in ortho

Dear all,

The DSM should not take into consideration the deleted points. Just edit the point cloud, save the project and regenerate step 3. 

The orthomosaic, will be generated based on this new DSM but takes the color from the input images. The software does not know how to color the orthomosaic when information is deleted. For example:

Imagine you delete the roof of a house. The point cloud will have a hole. However, the orthomosaic will have the roof visible. Otherwise, we should have a hole in the orthomosaic.

If you are interested in correcting the orthomosaic, the Mosaic Editor could be a good tool for you:

check here some good examples of using the Mosaic Editor:

You could also use it to remove moving objects such as cars.

For more information:

I hope my answer helps you with your projects :slight_smile: